TEH café

TEH café

Duration: 120 minutes

TEH café is envisaged as a topic-driven (structured) networking format which enables speakers, special guests and participants to meet and share experiences over a coffee or a drink. TEH café builds on 4 different routes, with each route having 4 subtopics, making 16 different thematic discussion tables in total.

ROUTE 1: Culture of involvement
a) “How to Activate and Cultivate Your Community?”

Community building; methods of community development
b) “Can We Govern More Collaboratively?”
Co-governance; self-managed community
c) “What’s the Measure of Your Social Impact?”
Social impact
d) “The Power of Many”
Crowdsourcing, Crowdcasting, Crowdfunding

ROUTE 2: Sharing in Art & Education
a) “When We Share, Everyone Wins”
Creative commons
b) “Sourcing your Network’s Wisdom”
Collaborative networks, participatory organisations
c) “From Open Education to Group learning”
Open education, open knowledge, diwo, group learning
d) “Innovating Your Center’s Business Model“
Creative business models, trends, insights

ROUTE 3: Open Spaces for Sharing and Imagination
a) “Placemaking”
Shared vision and building of a common space
b) “Spaces of Social Inclusion”
Spaces focused on social inclusion programs and users
c) “Spaces of Coworking and Co-production”
Spaces focused on day to day work, collaboration, sharing job opportunities, initiating mutual projects; practical business support; freelance collectives; co-production
d) “Spaces of Active Citizenship”
Spaces of independence, active society, activism, hacktivism

ROUTE 4: Communities of Practice
a) “Designing Resilient Local Food Systems”
Community-supported agriculture, local food by and for people, food sovereignty, food production, permaculture
b) “From Consumer to Maker”
Makers Movement, Citizen producer, DIY culture, fab labs, learning by making, STEM
c) “Time is Money – Try Timebanking!”
New ways of measuring and distributing value, trust as a new currency, time as a new currency
d) “Made for Sharing”
Tool libraries, all the objects you could share