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Situated on the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula is the largest city in the region and its commercial and cultural capital. From its origins as a lively Roman outpost, to becoming the chief naval base of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city’s diverse history has resulted in a rich and varied cultural heritage. Pula’s most famous attraction is a remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheatre right in heart of the city.
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a) Book your flight in advance and land in one of the following airports:
(Buy a bus ticket to Pula prior to travelling or at the bus station)

  1. Airport Pula – connection to Pula by shuttle bus or taxi
  2. Franjo Tuđman in Zagreb- use shuttle bus to reach main bus station and get a bus to Pula
  3. Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport in Trieste – connection to Pula by bus from Trieste bus station (Črnja Tours; Brioni; Fils-Pula)
  4. Marco Polo and/or Treviso Airport in Venice a) connection to Pula by bus from Mestre- Venezia  bus station ( Brioni; Fils – Pula)

b) Get on a train to Trieste and then take a bus to Pula

*NOTE: there are no train connections to Pula

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Local currency: 7,5 kn (kuna) =1 eur


  1. A number of hotel rooms will be available at the Hotel Pula situated 100 metres from the beach. In the 1980’s Hotel Pula was the most important venue for the Yugoslavian punk and rock scene.

Hotel Pula, Sisplac ul. 31, 52100, Pula
single room or double room, single use: 46 eur per night
double room: 36 eur per night per person
Note: prices include breakfast, however additional tourist tax of 0.85 eur per day will be charged.
Send an e-mail to, write “TEH 83” in the subject field.

2.Hotel Veli Jože, Bečka ul. 9, 52100, Pula
– single room or double room, single use: app. 43 eur per night
–double room: app. 63 eur per night
–triple room: app. 81 eur per night
Note: prices include tourist tax, guest insurance and breakfast.
Booking: through the official hotel website, or through the following email address:

3. Free accommodation will be provided in Rojc in some of the available spaces that have floor mattresses. This offer is limited to 10 persons max.
Note: bring your sleeping bag.
Booking: write to Elena Dinovska

If you have questions about accommodation please contact Elena Dinovska at