Exhibition “Difference and Morality”

“Difference and Morality” is a group exhibition by artists that are closely connected with the Rojc Community Centre. Coming from different backgrounds, including both academic fine arts and underground culture, the role played by Rojc as a creative catalyst for the artistic community has allowed this organic collaboration. With a total surface area of 11,000 m², Rojc stands tall as cultural powerhouse for the city of Pula. It’s great working environment has meant it has become a hive for many different types of artists, constantly stimulating the networking of those in the cultural field. This exhibition, in alignment with the ‘spirit of Rojc’, is a testament to the synergy and creativity of a number of prominent cultural figures acting outside of educational and institutional frames.


Hassan Abdelghani, Matko Banković, Alberto Becherini, Fulvio Juričić, Davor Kliman, Teddy-Lee, Iva Milaković, Petra Pletikos, Denis Sardoz, Borut Skok, Dejan Štifanić, Vedran Štimac, Ivana Vojnić Vratarić i Marko Vojnić

Thursday 25th May / Rojc Living Room / 21:00