Arts Education in TEH member centers

A strand of the TEH, EU supported project ‘Factories of Imagination’ will be focused on Arts Education in cultural centres.The session will introduce an outline of the plan. TEH members are invited to join and contribute to the development of the various exchange activities and knowledge transfers between arts educators. These will be implemented via yearly seminars, individual study visits, a conference on the topic and some data collection regarding needs, practices, terminology and methodologies applied. The overall goal is to get TEH members involved in the development of the project.
The Action Lab will be lead by Mia Christersdotter Norman & Björn Westerlund (Röda Sten Konsthall), Rene Penning & Fred Entringer (Kulturfabrik), and Chrissie Faniadis (TEH).

Type of working session: project planning/meeting

Note: fot TEH members only