European Capital of Culture as a Catalyst for Change

The session will give a brief overview of the ideas behind Rijeka 2020 and Novi Sad 2021. The Rijeka team will give a presentation of “27 Neighbourhoods”- a flagship programme which explores the reasons behind a lack of local cultural centres and the lack of developed models of citizen participation. Novi Sad 2021 will present ‘Culture Stations’, a participation programme aimed at boosting community involvement. The session should produce a discussion about different approaches that can be used to tackle these issues.
The action lab is relevant to culture professionals, civil activists, institutional representatives, citizens, and policy and decision makers.
The session is facilitated by Irena Kregar Šegota, the Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships for Rijeka2020 and Neli Nežić, the Programme Manager for 27 Neighbourhoods, as well as Milica Rašković, Participation Coordinator for Novi Sad 2021 and Petr Šimon, Artists’ Networking Manager, Novi Sad 2021.

Type of working session: Presentation / Talk / Discussion