»Culture Plans Politics« Culture makes Europe!

Workshop leader: Jonas Buechel

Workshop description:
Let’s consider culture as a horizontal and strategic urban planning advantage for community centers. Why and how can community centers and cultural activists play an important role in sustainable and co-creative urban development? Do we fully understand and successfully maximise the inherent potential of cultural politics and civic education – two key concepts for codetermination?

The session will consist of a lecture analyzing the existing capacity, a workshop defining the interplay of civic education and cultural politics as well as a steered discussion.

Who is it for?
Cultural/Community activists engaged in cultural politics and civic education, supporting co-creation by including people into decision-making processes, and experts (culture, politics, administration) creating the conditions for more culturally determined urban policies.

What are the aims?
The main aim is to define the interplay of civic education and cultural politics thus strengthen our local participation with concrete instruments, effectively using the existing capacities.