Organizing & communicating a radical democracy confluence in Barcelona

Workshop leader: Bruno Sokolowicz

Workshop description:

How can we bring back local politics to the people who live in the city? 2 years after reaching the City Hall with a radical democracy confluence of left wing parties, social movements and independent activists, Barcelona en Comú will share its experience. The workshop will focus on presenting the ways of organization, digital tools & communication strategies which help to achieve Barcelona en Comú’s main objective – changing the way the politics is done – with a code of ethics, crowdfunding, crowdsourced programme, decentralized structure, online platform, face-to-face plenaries and different types of participation. Open primaries, feminization and municipalism will be discussed too.

Who is it for?

The session may be of particular interest to activists focused on changing things in their home towns with one foot inside the institutions and the other one outside.

What are the aims?

To share tools, keys, ideas and strategies between Barcelona and other municipalist activists. We are all changing bottom up society and our strength is connection and collective intelligence. Let’s share!