Communication and its importance for sharing communities

Workshop leader: Birte Gehm

Workshop Description:
How can communication facilitate sharing communities within the cultural field? The workshop will explore shared communication in the digital sphere using the example of Res Artis: an association of over 600 artist residencies, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries. Through digital platforms, including their website and social media channels, Res Artis share information, news, opportunities and resources to artists and cultural institutions, connecting and cross-promoting artists and artist residencies from all over the world.

After a more general introduction to the topic of communication and its significance in the arts, participants will investigate ways in which communication, digital and otherwise, can strengthen the cultural sector and be used to establish partnerships and connections.The “RES” initiative will serve as an example of an innovative use of sharing practices.

Who is it for?
Artist residency organisations, artists, cultural workers.

What are the aims?
The workshop aims at providing the participants with an outlook on the role communication can play for the notion of sharing.