BIOTECTURE – building a vertical garden

Workshop leader: Bruno Motik

Workshop description:
The workshop is about biotecture – the synthesis of biology and architecture. It is a way of incorporating living elements into architecture, usually in urban environments, in order to bring living ecosystems back into cities. Biotecture includes living roofs, green facades, vertical gardens and essentially any solutions that bring back nature to our habitat. Biotecture can significantly increase biodiversity, lower air pollution, bring noise levels down, increase the energy efficiency of our buildings and provide beauty in our daily lives. It can also offer us a new way to use vertical space that is plentiful in urban settings.

Who is it for?
Eco-friendly people and individuals or groups that want to implement environmental design into their lifestyles.

What are the aims?
There are two goals of the workshop. The first one is to introduce the participants to all the different technological solutions to incorporating more natural ecosystems into architecture. The second goal is to teach the participants how to build and use their own vertical garden with simple tools.