Time banking – a tool to engage and build with a creative community

Workshop leader: Philippe Granger

Workshop description:
Time banking is a tool to connect and initiate projects that bring people together to make their neighbourhood thrive. The workshop will provide a brief historical introduction to time banking in a socio-economic context, before exploring the core principles. It will use Rushey Green as an example of how a time bank functions, how it attracts a diverse range of people, and ultimately helps different cultures to meet and work together.
These principles will be illustrated through dynamic and creative exercise to be done in groups, as well as a more general investigation into different methodologies to create links with community projects, the scope and expectations of time banking and the resources and tools needed to set up a time banking model.

Who is it for?
People interested in fostering community currency and using timebanking as a community development tool.

What are the aims?
Workshop participants should gain understanding of time banking core principles and different community project methodologies as well as learn which resources and tools are needed to set up a timebanking model.