Sharing in Cultural Production: Towards Sustainable Art Platforms

Workshop leader: Alexandros Nousias

Workshop description:

The technoeconomic paradigm of our times is shifting from declining proprietary forms of knowledge to so-called netarchical networks of the sharing economy to – assumingly – the collaborative commons. Departing from the rhetoric of the past and the abusive platform mechanics of the present, it appears that sharing is indeed a necessity, driven by a diverse set of motives. Sharing, as grounded in the post modern philosophy embodies dualism-  namely altruism and individualism- and it needs to serve both. To that end, we need processes for value judgments regarding copyrights, privacy and related ethical issues within a sustainable and relevant cultural production ecosystem.

Who is it for?

GLAM representatives, startups, digital culture enthusiasts, ‘common people’.

What are the aims?

The workshop aims at identifying expressed or implied discrepancies of the sharing culture and the commons as well as exploring best practices. Through an interactive process the participants will try to generate and materialize radical thinking for sharing and the commons.