Intercultural working in neighbourhoods

Workshop leader: Sharon Bailey

Workshop description:  

How can artistic projects support intercultural relationships – bridging divides between neighbours, revealing hidden stories and opening dialogues that would not otherwise have begun? How can we maintain the balance between the art idea and a meaningful connection? What are the right conditions for a fruitful creative project within a neighbourhood and what is the role of a ‘cultural producer’?

The starting point of the workshop will be an example of engagement processes used by ISIS Arts – a visual arts producer working internationally with partners to devise commissions and programmes at very local levels. The session will be illustrated with concrete projects led by artists in public spaces as a catalyst for change within communities.

Who is it for?

Individuals from art and civic organisations as well as artists interested in connecting diverse audiences through cultural projects.

What are the aims?

Shared learning between participants, exchanging examples of successful projects as well as ideas about how to connect artists and local people and how to set the right conditions for a fruitful creative project within a neighbourhood.