How do you increase Digital Inclusion in your community in a creative and innovative way, while working in partnership with other organisations

Workshop leader: Susan Ryder

Workshop Description:

How can time banking initiate grassroots projects that bring people together to develop their digital skills and share their knowledge? The workshop will introduce participants to MyCompleteFocus CIC as an example of how technology, in partnerships with different local organisations, can assist in lowering social isolation. It will explore fun and creative ways of introducing smart technology to various social groups, such as Digital Surgeries or ‘Techy Teas’ for older people or games, Coding Clubs and robots for children with special needs, Asperger’s and dyslexia.

There will be some examples of these tools and technologies, including a demonstration of the robot, a video of MyCompleteFocus’ Coding Club, and a couple of other games and exercises. Attendees will then look at the resources needed to create their own digital inclusion programmes, and how these link to time banking and inter-generational working.

Who is it for?

People who want to to introduce new and emerging technology to the youths and use it to widen the experience of ones with visual and physical disabilities.

What are the aims?

Workshop participants should gain knowledge and understanding of the core principles of digital inclusion and learn how to teach people of differing experience and skills.