Civic Design and Collective Intelligence

Workshop leader: Jonathan Reyes

Workshop description:
In the last decade we have seen the emergence of new ‘shared’ spaces that foster innovative ways to encounter and collaborate with one another. Citizens can not only utilise these new community platforms, but shape their identity, engaging in collective projects for the common good that can be described as ‘civil innovation’. This experimental workshop will focus on the development of new tools, projects, strategies and spaces which follow the principles of civic design, economy and engagement. These prototypes will be based on services, products and processes proposed by the workshop participants themselves. The workshop will take an open and ‘hands on’ structure, with attendees working collaboratively to establish the necessary framework for generating effective collective spaces. The session’s ‘mutual entrepreneurship’ approach will see both individual and collective processes combine to imagine new civic spaces where citizens can develop social projects in connection with local authorities, the private sector and universities.

Who is it for?
Social entrepreneurs and agents of the social economy with projects socially or environmentally committed to the territory, people belonging to public or private organizations that lead processes of territorial transformation and participatory urbanism and anyone interested in learning new collaborative models of entrepreneurship and / or collective processes of territorial construction.

What are the aims?
To work on concrete solutions capable of generating communities as synergy ecosystems and spaces and generate frameworks of mutual entrepreneurship that extend beyond the workshop.