Global Grand Central: When project reporting becomes social and meaningful

As TEH members we strive to keep our centers open, and to actively include our audiences in programming and artworks. We believe that our efforts to turn suspicion into curiosity have vital importance for our societies – but how can we learn from each other, share experiences and build on other’s successes and failures? With these questions in mind, the EU co-funded Europe Grand Central project was formed in late 2013, with TEH as one of seven partners. Now, the result is a permanent Global Grand Central platform, which co-creates an open standard for project sharing and learning across local practices on a global level.
In this Action Lab partners and users of the platform will share experiences, demonstrate how it works, answers questions, discuss future plans, and sign up anybody interested to share, learn, and get involved. Our goal is to inform and spread the work of our users, recruit new users, and ultimately develop better inclusion projects and a slightly better world.

The Lab is aimed at project directors, artists, and network managers at all levels.

The session will be facilitated by the Global Grand Central project leader, the project communicator, and local project leaders from Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, the USA, and Sweden.

Type of working session: workshop / presentation