During the TEH Meeting in Verona (Autumn 2016) plans were made to collect data about TEH members with EVS volunteers, to boost the communication channels like a TEH EVS Facebook group, and to increase the participation of EVS volunteers within the TEH network and meetings. P60-NL offered to be the TEH EVS Thematic Hub. Now it is time to turn these ideas into concrete actions. Participants will also share tips and advice for working with EVS volunteers, exchanging both positive and negative experiences. This will be done in role plays. However, the discussion is not limited to only EVS volunteers, but will extend to the experiences of members who work in general with a local volunteers.
The Action Lab is ideal for organizations who are working with a lot of volunteers and/or with EVS volunteers as part of the Erasmus+ program. Ideally there will be around 20-30 participants. It will lay the foundations for the TEH EVS Thematic Hub and find ways to improve the already existing channels.
The session will be run by Alberto Sánchez (Die Baeckerei/Austria) and Gerard Lohuis (P60/Netherlands). Both are final responsible for all EVS activities in their center. Die Baeckeri started to work with EVS in 2012 and has 2 EVS volunteers every year (as well as volunteers from other continents). P60 has 4 EVS volunteers (also from Turkey/Caucasus) since 2005.

Type of working session: project planning/meeting, talk/discussion, game/role play