The programme for our conference next month in Pula, Croatia is now on-line!

The programme for the ‘Culture and sharing communities’ conference is now available on the official TEH conference site. In a little over a month the annual TEH conference begins, which will focus on probing the relationship between culture and sharing communities with the aim of creating responsible communities that stand in solidarity with one another while supporting a better quality of life for the community. Can we share culture among each other? Does this develop new areas of cooperation and creation that are open to the public? How can we establish an audience that actively participates in the creation of art as well as in new models of governance and public policies? Does the popularization of digital media and the easy availability of digital tools give us new possibilities to create, and how does the community affect the creativity of artists in their creative process? How can the practice of sharing improve work, relationships and sustainability in cultural centers?

The TEH83 Conference will officially start at 10:00 am on 25th of May with opening panel discussions where 4 keynote speakers will introduce and explore the unique and important role of art, cultural, creative and community centers in activating and nurturing a culture of sharing and a re-evaluation of social values.

Detailed descriptions of the workshops that will run on Friday are available on the official conference website. Here all interested participants will be able to enroll in their preferred workshop once the registration is opened. The evening program, where participants will have an opportunity to continue with their preferred topics in a less formal and more relaxed surrounding, is yet to be announced.