29 speakers on the 83rd TEH conference

We are thrilled to announce our TEH 83 speakers:  around 30 speakers will participate in various types of programme. Through the workshops or panels they will share their knowledge and experience and present examples of good practice.

The theme of the conference will be developed through four main routes:

  • Culture of involvement – How art contributes to articulation of social issues/needs and motivates the community to participate? How community and cultural centers become platforms that actively include citizens and in which manner this practice influences the changes of social paradigms.  (site -specific, social design, methods of community development, co-governing, co-production, sustainable communities…)
  • Sharing in Art and Education– innovative practices that are applicable in the fields of art and education(IT practices that improves sharing, art and creative collectives, open platforms of learning, creative commons, artists in residence, creative business models…)
  • Open Spaces for Sharing and Imagination– Community and cultural centers as  spaces for collaboration and imagination. (Spaces of resistance, Spaces of regeneration, Spaces of meeting, Third spaces, The role of spaces in community development, Co-working, Co-living…)
  • Communities of Practice– Sharing skills and knowledge – group intelligence and creativity that, when people collaborate together, produce social innovations. What is role of culture, community and art centers in creation opportunities for communities of practice. – (time banking, social intelligence, transition cities, social innovations, DIWO or co-design workshops, eco-systems…)


Check the list of our conference speakers:

Jekaterina Lavrinec, Laimikis, Vilnius (LT)
Dražen Šimleša, Institute for Social Science Ivo Pilar, Zagreb (HR)
Bruno Sokolowicz Papiol, Barcelona en comu, Barcelona (ES)
Jonas Buchel, Urban Institute, Riga (LV)
Alexandros Nousais, Creative Commons-Greece, Athens (EL)
Khushboo Balwani, OuiShare, Brussel (B)
Dušica Radojčić, Zelena Istra, Pula (HR)
Davor Mišković, Drugo more, Rijeka (HR)
Sharon Bailey, ISIS Arts, Newcastle (GB)
Marijana Rimanić, Pogon, Zagreb (HR)
Miha Horvat, Foundation Sonda, Maribor (Sl)
Ivana Katić, Drugo more, Rijeka (HR)
Birte Gehm, Res Artis, Amsterdam (NL)
Jose Rodrigues, TEH – Lund, (SE)
Laura Gabrielaityte-Kazuleniene, Arts Printing House, Vilnius (LT)
Jonathan Reyes, Civicwise, Valencia (ES)
Polly Moseley, Community Interest Company, Manchester (GB)
Marco Clausen, Prinzessinnengärten and Nachbarschaftsakademie, Berlin (DE)
Relja Bobić, Nova Iskra, Belgrade (RS)
Luka Piškorič, Poligon Creative Centre, Ljubljana (SI)
Natalie Milbrodt, Queens Library NY (USA)
Martin Simon, ABCD Europe, Stroud – Gloucestershire (GB)
Philippe Granger, Rushey Green Time Bank, London (GB)
Susan Ryder, MyCompleteFocus CIC, London (GB)
Bruno Motik, ZMAG, Zagreb (HR)
Miroslav Wranka, Terrible Creations, Zagreb (HR)
Antonija Banović, OuiShare, Split (HR)
Matija Raos, HNDNP/Coworking Croatia, Zagreb (HR)